Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Theo Osterkamp

Adolf  Galland far left, Theo Osterkamp second from the right,  Werner Mölders on far right.

At the end of July, 1940 at age 48, later Generalleutnant Theo Osterkamp was officially ordered to cease combat flying. Since the formation of JG 51 in 1939 (which he commanded), he had flown constantly, and added 6 more victories to his World War One score(32 WWI). He received the Knight's Cross in August of 1940 to go along with his Pour le Mérite...

In World War II he led Jagdgeschwader 51 through the Battle of Britain and claimed a further 6 victories, in the process becoming one of only a few men to score victories in both World Wars!

On 19 September 1939 Oberst Osterkamp was appointed Geschwaderkommodore of Jagdgeschwader 51 (JG 51). During the Battle of France he claimed four victories, the first on 12 May 1940. During the Kanalkampf period of the Battle of Britain he claimed a further two victories, bringing his total to six...

In the end, Theo Osterkamp was credited with 38 victories. He recorded 32 victories during World War 1. He recorded two confirmed and at least four unconfirmed victories in World War 2, all claimed over the Western front...

Here is the data of his air victory in World War II :
1. 12 May 1940 against Fokker G-1 at Soesterburg : confirmed
2. 22 May 1940 against Hurricane at Roubaix : not confirmed
3. 31 May 1940 against Hurricane at Dunkirk : not confirmed
4. 1 June 1940 against Blenheim at Dunkirk : not confirmed
5. 13 July 1940 against Spitfire at Dover : not confirmed
6. 13 July 1940 against Spitfire at Dover : confirmed

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